The Year in Review

This has been a busy and exciting year! We started 2019 off with two new additions to our team! Heather Cruz was a Head Start teacher for 18 years before coming to R&R. She is over the counties of Payne, Osage, Pawnee, and Logan. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Science. Since starting in January, she has done many trainings and technical assistance in her counties. If you are in her counties and would like training or technical assistance, contact her at Our next addition to the team is Renae Barnett. She started at Delaware Child Development as a Master Teacher in our Downtown center. She has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Educati

Ms Nikki's Class - Early Preschool

HelloI So many exciting things are about to come for all of us! We will be starting at the new center soon. I am so excited to start a new chapter in our lives as a classroom! The year has blown by for us. We have had so many fun events that have happened for us and I can’t wait for more to come as we begin our new journey. For the month of December, we are discussing and learning about our senses. We will be making snow and lots more fun things that have to do with our senses. Be sure to ask your child what new things they have learned. I want to thank all parents for being part of our journey in learning. Ms. Nikki

Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 1

In the month of December, our focus will be “All About Me”. This includes learning about body parts and emotions, building connections with the children, and learning our new friends and new classroom. We will be working on getting our routines established with the children to make their day go smoother. In class they will begin to show us their strengths and challenges through the way they play and interact with one another throughout the day. We will be doing songs to transition from one area to another. This helps when we are washing hands, picking up toys, brushing our teeth, and going outside. We will work on building our fine motor skills by providing opportunities for them to use the

Ms Cara's Class - Infants

Hello! We’ve had an exciting month in our infant class! With all the beautiful fall weather, we’ve been taking advantage of letting the infants explore the great outdoors. Although it may not seem important to some, crunching leaves and playing in the grass and dirt are important building blocks for a child’s development. It introduces them to new sounds, sights, and textures and allows them to learn through exploration and their senses! We’re so excited to be in our beautiful, new classroom! Because of this change, this month we will be focusing on developing social skills and a sense of security in our infants. When infants feel comfortable in their environment, they will grow and learn mo

Letter from the Director

Reaction to Change Our West Center building, staff, children, and families have gone through lots of changes within the past 8 months. The time has come for another change now that our building remodel is complete. December 2nd is the official opening date for the West Center. Our staff are dedicated to making the transition from the Bartlesville Center to the West Center go as smoothly as possible for all our children and families. Some children find changes hard, while others will take change in stride. Here are a few parenting tips to help ease the transition to a new environment: -Use familiar objects at drop off time, such as a favorite blanket. -Talk ahead of time about the new classro

Letter from the Director!

As we close out the year, we reflect on the awesome moments we have shared. This year our program has experienced the addition of new teachers, updated toys and equipment, an active parent-teacher organization group, growing participation in classroom volunteers, students from local universities studying child development in our program, continued health screenings for all children, and many more program specifics that contribute to our quality. None of this would be possible without the authentic partnership between the program and the families we serve in the community. Our families can expect our priorities to continue to support the growing potential of the whole-child each day of attend

Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

We are working on counting! We are counting our numbers out loud and counting items in hopes that the children will begin to recognize quantities. We have been counting from 1-20 for the past couple of weeks and have recently introduced 21-25. We’re also learning our numbers in Spanish!! So far, we have already started counting to 10, and we’ve recently introduced the numbers 11-15. We’re also working on basic sign language such as “more”, “please”, and “all done”. Our younger group has started finding an interest in reading books; they will pick it up and turn the book pages on their own! We can’t wait for them to start “reading” on their own. It’s so exciting! Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Sehoy

Family Child Care Home 3 - Owasso

Season’s greetings! Can you believe it is the last month of the year? We certainly can’t! In the month of November, we learned about taking turns and building relationships with our peers. This month we are putting those lessons to the test as we welcome new friends into our center. We are so excited to learn about our new friends, their personalities, families, and what makes them different that we decided to dedicate the whole month of December to learning about ourselves and our new friends. Who knows, there may be something a new friend practices in their home that you may want to start in your own home? We encourage parents to come in and tell us about some things their family does that

Ms Erin & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

In the month of December, we will be focusing on literacy. We’ve started introducing the children’s names and letters of their first names. We will continue to make this our focus area and go more in-depth with getting them to write their letters and hearing the sounds they make. We will do several fun activities that will help them recognize their names. Feel free to work with your child at home on tracing or writing their names. Ms. Erin and Ms. Allison

Ms Teresa's Class - Preschool

Hello, Parents! As the season changes, so are our children. In saying this, I love their curiosity along with all the questions they ask. So for the month of December, we will enjoy learning the answers to these five questions: 1.) Where does snow come from? 2.) Why is snow white? 3.) Why does it snow? 4.) Can we make snow? 5.) Why does it melt? These questions come from your children when we talk about what they want to learn next during Large Group time. By gaining this insight ahead of time, I can incorporate the things they need to learn for kindergarten. This makes learning fun and inviting for the children. In the month of December, we will explore, create, and discover the “whys” of s

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello, Parents! Can you believe we are almost to the end of this year? To celebrate the end and coldest time of the year, in December we will be talking about cold, winter weather. We will talk about the animals that live in the cold, what we need to stay warm in the cold, and more. We will have ice, water, and “snow” to play with for our sensory times. Also, we will have pictures to look at if we don’t have any snow here while we talk about these things. The ELG that we will focus on will be Creative Skills - Standard One - The child participates in activities that foster individual creativity. This ELG will be our focus as we make our own (paper) version of mittens, sock hats, scarves, a

Ms Amanda & Ms Tina's Class - Toddler C

Brrrrrr…. It is that time of year again where the cold temperatures have begun to approach us. I will take time this month to begin exploring science through discussion about the Winter season. We will be discussing cold temperatures and the wind, snow, and ice that it brings. We will be exploring with temperatures through lots of sensory play and wintery activities. We will also discuss health and safety by discussing and identifying proper attire for the outside weather. The children will be introduced to learning how to use zippers and buttons while practicing putting on their own jackets, hats, gloves, or mittens. During the Winter we will still be going outdoors if the weather temperatu

Ms Krisinda & Ms Kaitlyn's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Toddler B Families! We had a lot of fun learning about health, safety, and nutrition in the month of November. We loved learning about and making healthy snacks in the classroom together. We worked together to wash away germs and not spread them. We will be bringing Science into focus for December. Our class will be working on ELG - STANDARD 1: The child begins to demonstrate early scientific inquiry skills by questioning, exploring, problem solving, discovering, and examining. Our main theme for the month will be exploring things we find during Winter. We have had a wonderful year in Toddler B and want to wish you all Happy Holidays!! Thank you, Ms. Krisinda and Ms. Kaitlyn

Ms Jenny's Class - Toddler A

Hello, TA Families! We are going to be exploring the season of winter this month by using our sense of taste. As a class, we will investigate foods such as gingerbread, cookies, ice, and chocolate by using our senses, asking questions, and talking about our conclusions. In addition to our food experiences, we will be learning about Christmas by singing songs and decorating our felt tree. We will make a gift in class and exchange it with a friend. We will be constructing and decorating a gingerbread village with healthy snacks on December 16. Our annual Cuddles and Cocoa will be on December 19 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. We hope to see our families! Come and share a cup of hot cocoa with us. Ms. Je

Ms Ashley & Ms Chyanne's Class - Infants

In the month of November, we worked on our language skills, from sign language to saying words. The little babies enjoyed squealing and cooing and finding their voices. As for the month of December, we will be focusing on creative skills and physical development standards with our children. The standard for creative skills that we will be working on is: Begin to understand his/her world by using senses to explore and experience the environment. By working on this standard with the children, we will be able to build their senses with many things, from painting with different textures to letting the children explore to broaden their senses in many ways. As for our physical development standard

Message from Joanna

Hello, families! It’s hard to believe I’m coming into my fifth month of being the Family Service Coordinator for the Downtown childcare center. In this short amount of time, I have been warmly welcomed by all of you. These past few months have been very enjoyable thanks to your communication and dedication to your child’s development. As a center, we have exciting events and opportunities of growth planned for the new year. I’d also like to share that in addition to Downtown, I will be serving as the Family Service Coordinator at our newest childcare facility located on the West side of town. If you do not see me here, it is because I am at our other campus. This transition of working with t

Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom 3! This year has blown by, and we are in full force for the last month of the year. It's hard to believe that the year 2020 is right around the corner! So many fun events have happened, and I can't begin to tell you the fun we are having! We have felt the crisp air and watched the leaves change from green to brown to orange and red, and of course we made time to rake up the leaves and make BIG piles to jump into and throw up into the air. For the month of December, we are planning to discuss being thankful and what that means to us. We will be discussing family traditions and looking forward to spending the holidays with our loved ones. We will be making a special keepsa

Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Season’s greetings from Classroom 2! Fall is in the air! So many exiting things have happened this month, from meeting our new classmates to having a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch! We enjoyed demonstrating interest in learning through persistence and varying degrees of initiative, curiosity, sensory exploration, and problem solving. For the month of December, we will of course discuss Christmas and different Christmas traditions, listen to lots of Christmas music, and engage in some Christmas art. We will also be focusing on self and social awareness. We will participate in play and activities that will help children learn about themselves and others while gaining an understanding of how indi

Ms Jennifer's Classroom 1

Hello! The months come and pass before most of us even realize it. And sadly, this year is coming to an end quickly, probably making several of us wonder where all the time went. But I can happily say that in this last year, I have been able to watch your children grow physically and mentally. I look back at when they started and how every one of them still had baby faces. Now I look at them and listen to them and WOW! They have grown so much in this year! So, on that note, I would like to take the time now to say this........ Thankfulness is defined as feeling or expressing gratitude and being appreciative. With that being said, I am thankful daily that I have been given the opportunity to

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