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Delaware Child Development Center - Bartlesville

5110 Tuxedo Boulevard

Bartlesville, OK  74006 \\ 918-977-3647

Delaware Child Development Center - Claremore

2550 Holly Road

Claremore, OK  74017 \\ 918-342-6100


The Delaware Child Development Program focuses on the importance of learning through play, interaction, and engagement. Children in our centers are encouraged to dream, imagine, and invent -- to create and share with one another their own adventures.

We embrace outside play -- hot or cold. Research indicates that there is no temperature too hot or too cold for a child as long as s/he is dressed appropriately. However, we have developed our own temperature guidelines for determining when temperatures are too extreme for children to be outside. These guidelines are based on the heat index, wind chill factor, the age of the child, and the teacher's determination at time of play. Outside of these extremes, children at our centers will be enjoying the refreshing seasons all year round.

We promote active play instead of passive engagement with televisions, computers, or electronic games. Research has shown that any amount of screen time could be detrimental to the growth and development of children, even infants. The amount of screen time may be directly related to attention challenges later in life. Because of this, our teachers embrace play environments that encourage children to play, imagine, and engage each other and their teachers.

Our centers strive to provide your child with the very best in education and care.

The Delaware Child Development Program adopted Creative Curriculum®  for use in all of the child care centers. Creative Curriculum® focuses on setting up the environment and learning activities for children to explore and create, enhancing development in their social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor activity, cognitive development, and language/pre-literacy functions. The curriculum materials offer opportunities for teachers to provide learning experiences for children based on their developmental age and needs.


All staff members receive extensive training on the implementation of the curriculum. Benchmarks of children’s growth and development are a part of the electronic assessment database that allows teachers to individualize lesson plans that nurture each child’s emerging skills.


The curriculum supports the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s criteria for curriculum, which recognizes the need to implement a curriculum that is sensitive to developmental capabilities and backgrounds of children, addresses all areas of child development, and supports the idea that children are active participants in the learning process. These ideals support positive, long-term success in academic settings – a vision that the Delaware Child Development Program holds for all children.


For more information visit Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood.

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