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Letter from the Director

Reaction to Change

Our West Center building, staff, children, and families have gone through lots of changes within the past 8 months. The time has come for another change now that our building remodel is complete. December 2nd is the official opening date for the West Center. Our staff are dedicated to making the transition from the Bartlesville Center to the West Center go as smoothly as possible for all our children and families.

Some children find changes hard, while others will take change in stride. Here are a few parenting tips to help ease the transition to a new environment:

-Use familiar objects at drop off time, such as a favorite blanket.

-Talk ahead of time about the new classroom and playground.

-Stay with your child a little longer at drop off, if needed.

While this is intended to be a good change for the children, we all need to be sensitive to their signals and give them a little extra support during the times they are having trouble with a transition of any kind.

Jennifer Perdue

Site Director

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