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Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 1

In the month of December, our focus will be “All About Me”. This includes learning about body parts and emotions, building connections with the children, and learning our new friends and new classroom. We will be working on getting our routines established with the children to make their day go smoother.

In class they will begin to show us their strengths and challenges through the way they play and interact with one another throughout the day. We will be doing songs to transition from one area to another. This helps when we are washing hands, picking up toys, brushing our teeth, and going outside. We will work on building our fine motor skills by providing opportunities for them to use their hands and fingers. One of the best activities is painting and simply just making marks on paper. This also builds their creativity. Another way to build their fine motor skills is by using utensils at the table. We do this with our family style dining which is offered every day in class. We encourage the children to clean up spills, put their dishes away, dump out milk, etc. This helps them begin to take care of some of their own needs.

This month your child will read books which help with developing their language. One of the main opportunities we offer daily is sensory play. It is so important that the child explores their surroundings and figures out how things work on their own.

I am so excited to see what all this month will bring. I encourage the parents to come in and volunteer by reading books with the children or simply just sitting down and enjoying a meal together. I will be sending home activities on Fridays for the families to do at home.

Thank you,

Ms. Anita

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