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Ms Jessica's Class - Toddler 2

As the new Master Teacher for T2 at Ivy Learning, my efforts in previous weeks have been and are still getting to know one another. I provide support and reassurance to each child’s needs. I have maintained routines and transitions throughout the day in a predictable and orderly way that help each child feel safe and encouraged. I am learning about each child and still learning about each child and your families.

We have many different categories we teach on. In the area of literacy and language, we are working on pronunciation, sign language, and recognizing letters. When we work on pronouncing, each child is noticing discrete units of sound and slowing down to pronounce words. Also, I read to help learn new vocabulary. Each child appreciates books and interacts during reading experiences. We learn sign language during reading experiences and at meal times. I want to implement signing during bathroom breaks too.

Further, in the area of social-emotional, we are working on making eye contact with Teacher and classmates. Also, each child is working on asking for what they want and asking in a kind tone of voice. As the Teacher, I will model the tone and formulate the question for students to repeat. Each student is responding well to asking and waiting for what they want. In this area of social-emotional, I will continue teaching each child to express in words the hurt done by another child. Children are learning skills to resolve conflict with their classmates when there is a hurt done by another child. Learning to say with words what wrong was done and how that felt helps children realize how another child thinks and feels, which is developing empathy and compassion - the ability to put one’s self in another person’s shoes. Having misunderstandings and/or disagreements with another person may happen in our lives, and we want to help teach your children to use their words to resolve their issues or conflicts, plus ensure forgiveness is requested and forgiveness is given.

In the area of physical skills, I will encourage bike riding, climbing, or music and movement (walking, jumping, running). I am grateful when the weather is acceptable to go outside and allow your children to get more physical movement. When we are inside, I focus on drawing using markers, placing pipe cleaners through mini strainers, playing music to walk around the room, and go down the slide. Each of your children interacts during music and movement, and it is a joy to see them sing and move. Lastly, as a Teacher, I am intentional to put forth all my strength that I can give each day to give the care, teaching, and structure your children need to be successful.

I appreciate on-going communication with your families. Working together we can be a good support for your children to develop well.

Thank you!

Ms. Jessica


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