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Ms Pam's Class - Early Preschool

This year is really moving along! In February we were able to play in the snow and talk about cold weather. The children loved throwing snow balls at each other and tasting ice and snow. Luckily, we had plenty of warm days to play outside longer in between the cold days! As warmer weather comes in, we will be planting seeds and talking about vegetables. We will be doing a potato bag where the children can see potatoes growing in the dirt and later will get to harvest them. We will also plant mammoth sunflowers that your child can take home and plant outdoors. This March, we be having fun with a mischievous leprechaun that we will build a trap and try to catch! This is always so much fun for the class. As always, we want to continue to help the children be more independent in the bathroom and to be able to put on their shoes and socks and put on and take off their coats, etc. This gives them confidence and pride and helps so much when starting school.

Thank you, parents, for all you do every day!


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