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Family Child Care Home 3 - Owasso

Season’s greetings!

Can you believe it is the last month of the year? We certainly can’t!

In the month of November, we learned about taking turns and building relationships with our peers. This month we are putting those lessons to the test as we welcome new friends into our center. We are so excited to learn about our new friends, their personalities, families, and what makes them different that we decided to dedicate the whole month of December to learning about ourselves and our new friends. Who knows, there may be something a new friend practices in their home that you may want to start in your own home? We encourage parents to come in and tell us about some things their family does that makes them unique or what they are proud of, so please come in any time to share!

Also, as the days get colder, we ask our parents to bring in a jacket and warm clothes because we do go outside if it is nice enough. We also will be exploring with paint, shaving cream, and other things that can make clothes dirty, so please remember to bring extra sets of clothes.

Thank you for letting us spend time with your child. We truly enjoy spending the day with them and like learning about what makes them unique!

Ms. Carly and Ms. Gabi

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