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The Director's Cut

Your Administration (Site Director, Family Services Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant) want to let you know something. Your children mean the world to us, even though we are not in the trenches of teaching daily. There may be some occasions that we step in the room and get to “fill in” for a moment. Of course, when this happens, we follow the teacher’s curriculum and get only brief glimpses of the day-to-day life in the classroom.

However, there are things many do not see that are taken for granted. Some of these include behind the scenes planning for family get-togethers; in-depth conversations between teachers, parents, and admin that make or break a child thriving; safety protocols, team organization; and so much more. While all of this may seem so boring, we love what we do and want the best for every single child in the organization.

Most of the time, we know the names, faces, and back story to everyone in the family. We thrive on talking to each family member, teacher, and child that we see. Just know that when you see our administration team, we may not be in the room with your child all day, but we are doing everything we can to make every child’s day special.

Happy Independence Day!

Cherise Jennett

Administrative Assistant

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