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The Director's Corner

This wonderful time of year brings families together which may have been long overdue given the recent times. This time together is important for all family members, especially children. Children thrive in an environment that is rich in traditions and routines.

Here at Ivy Academy, we make sure to have an environment that encompasses just that. Schedules and routines are a big part of our day, and children benefit from it exponentially. Children can also benefit from this whenever it comes to time spent together with family.

In the article, Sharing Family Traditions With Your Grandchildren , it talks about the different ways you can provide these opportunities for your children and grandchildren to learn about their family and the different traditions and routines that they practice. Now more than ever, we need our families, and this is a great way to ensure children are learning about their elders because they hold so much knowledge and tradition that can be passed down through generations.

Using these routines and traditions during the time spent together will provide the children with an enriching environment so that they are able to learn the importance of family and all of the wonderful things it brings to our lives.

Emily Harker

Site Director


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