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QRIS Regional R&R: The Pyramid Model

QRIS Regional R&R: The Pyramid Model

What is the Pyramid Model and why are so many early childhood professionals in Oklahoma (and across the country) talking about it?

It is a proven way to teach and support young children in understanding and managing their emotions, which helps children handle life’s tough situations with greater resiliency and hope. Oklahoma is one of 35 states working to implement these evidence-based practices that help teachers and families work together to provide responsive, supportive, positive environments in which all of our children can learn and thrive.

To learn more about the Pyramid Model, you can now take the free one-hour overview on the Statewide Training Calendar. Type “Pyramid” in the course title search on the Statewide Training Calendar. The course name is Building Positive Social Emotional Skills for All Children: Introducing the Pyramid Model Framework, course #267798.


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