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Ms Teresa's Class - Preschool

Hello, Parents!

I have missed seeing you all in the classroom. However, I still get to see, play, and interact with the ‘smaller you’. The month of October was a blast with the Tea Party and Make-Believe Week. The kids loved it!

For the month of November, the theme will be ‘Fun in the Fall’. During this month, we will make our own fall letterhead straight from nature. We are going to collect nature and use it to create a Graph. We will also continue to work on our letters, sounds, numbers, and putting the right number of objects with the correct number.

Early Learning Guidelines:


STANDARD 1 Scientific Processes and Inquiry – The child investigates and experiments with objects to discover information.

STANDARD 4 Earth/Space – The child investigates and observes the basic concepts of the Earth.

Ms. Teresa


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