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Ms Madison's & Ms Karen's Class - Toddler 3

June was full of learning about the ocean, sea animals, frogs, and turtles. We also learned some new songs about the ocean and a silly song about a turtle. Ms. Karen found some tadpoles, and we have been watching them swim and eat lettuce. One of our teachers even found a baby turtle and let everyone look at it. The children loved playing with the sand in the sensory table, doing art activities, and getting wet outside. We had a lot of fun when the rainstorms came, and the sensory table outside has been a favorite item for our friends. We have filled the table with water, shaving cream, and soap. Sensory play benefits almost every area of development. Most importantly, exposing children to various sensory experiences is necessary for a young brain to develop the proper sensory processing capabilities.

Next month we will start by talking about the Fourth of July. Then the class will move on to camping. We will talk about fire safety, make a “tent” in the classroom, and go on (pretend!) bear hunts. I have included the sensory play we have done along with the songs we are singing in class. I cannot wait for stories that your children decide to bring home to you!

Thank you,

Ms. Madison & Ms. Karen


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