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Ms KK's Class - Preschool

Hello everyone! Here we are in full swing of chasing Autumn as it's peeking around the corner at us! Now, I stand in awe wondering how this could be when not long ago we were discussing transitions to "Big School" and reminiscing time together when these children first began with our family here at IAC. August was certainly bittersweet as we watched Preschoolers move on to the next stage in their lives. We celebrated and took many pictures as we wished them good luck!

New things will be happening in September as we welcome new faces to our preschool room. We are beginning our studies on Back to School, Safety Rules, and Welcome Autumn. It's always a fun time to learn new things with new friends!

The weather will be turning cooler before you know it, so soon an update will need to be made on children's extra cubby clothing for a new season. I will be sending out reminders soon.

A huge thanks to everyone for welcoming me to the Preschool class! We are having so much fun together; I love teaching your child!

Ms. KK

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