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Ms Gabi & Ms Rebecca's Class - Infants 1

Hey, Families!

I hope everyone is making it through our cold winter here. Hang in there, Spring is on the way!

February was such a fun month for all of us. We hate to see it end, but new and exciting things are coming in March! Ivy Academy’s 1 year opening anniversary is happening this month, YAY!

During February, we celebrated National Dough Day! We also focused on adjusting to change and figuring out challenging behaviors. During Dough Day, we explored with different colored play dough. We made “ice cream” out of playdough and used a muffin pan to form circles into them. They got a kick out of it!

This month we are looking forward to digging into Healthy Bodies. We will be practicing handwashing with scented soap, brushing our teeth, and wiping our faces. A focus on healthy bodies will be the amount of sleep the infant is getting, which is very important. Infants sleep between 9 and 12 hours during the night and nap between 2 and 5 hours during the day. That time allows the child’s brain to grow and develop.

You can practice with your little one on brushing teeth to the song “Brush Your Teeth” by Super Simple Songs on YouTube. Starting good habits at home will always help them adjust to how they do it at school as well.

Happy March to Everyone!

Ms. Gabi, Ms. Rebecca, & Ms. Katie

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