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Ms Debra's Class - Infants

Greetings to our Infant Room Families!

The cold days of February have arrived. We know some families had sickness in December and January, but we hope February will find us all in good health despite all the changes in temperature it brings.

During January we spent time learning with the guidelines of approaches to learning and creative skills which includes things like curiosity, sensory exploration, and persistence. We will sing and move to songs, listen to nursery rhymes, explore bubbles, and read about differences in That’s Not My Plane and That’s Not My Zebra, and read about moving to music in Let’s Dance, Little Pookie. By reading familiar books, singing familiar songs, and exploring things in the room, the infants build a better understanding of the world, language, continuity, and curiosity.

During February we will be using the Early Learning Guideline COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND EARLY LITERACY (LANGUAGE ARTS). We will be encouraging the use of all language skills including listening, verbal, and literacy skills. We will read books, talk with the children, encourage them to make sounds, show pictures of objects while talking about what they are, and coloring and watercolor painting while talking about the objects and colors used in the process.

According to Early Learning Guidelines, “Communication skills and literacy development play an essential role in all domains of learning. Between birth and age three, children begin communicating through sounds, gestures, and emotions and move to convey ideas, thoughts, and feelings through beginning language. . . Early language and literacy experiences are the building blocks for life-long learning.”

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