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Ms Debra & Ms Alyssa's Class - Infants

During February, we have been following Language Arts Early Learning Guidelines. Part of what we did was sing songs, read books, talk about everything throughout the day, respond to their attempts at speech, and use writing tools like egg shaped crayons. We also talked about the emotions they displayed, giving names to the feelings in the room.

March will include Math Learning. It will include reading books with numbers, painting with two colors to see how mixing them will create something new, introducing and talking about concepts of more, and early position words like “on”, “in”, and “by”.

According to the Mathematics Early Learning Guidelines, “These concepts are much broader than counting and number experiences. Children begin to notice similarities and differences while experiencing size, shape, texture, and function through his/her senses. Young children also begin to understand quantity, time, and space through caregiving routines and daily activities. . . Cutting a sandwich, matching socks, and counting toes are all examples of activities in which math concepts can be identified.”

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