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Ms Courtney's Class - Preschool

Hello from Preschool!

Like last month, this month has held some big changes for Pre-K. This month we welcomed a new child into our classroom, and another member of our class gained a new sibling. The class has been showing great progress with responding well to routine. Most of the children know what to expect on a daily basis, and that has given us much more space to expand upon their knowledge and growth in the moment.

We have thoroughly, head to toes, been enjoying our time outside! The kids have had a blast getting muddy, climbing trees, and finding all sorts of creatures to examine. Their favorite creatures, thus far, have been frogs and slugs. We also planted some strawberry seeds in class and have been anxiously awaiting them to sprout.

With the start of summer just around the corner, our class will be learning about basic self-care when it comes to the summer heat. I will be introducing vocabulary to them like hydration, SPF, and sun rays to help them become more aware of how to take care of themselves outside. Our class will also continue to launch into mini explorations about topics they show interest in daily.

Thank you to everyone who made teacher appreciation week so special for all of us at Ivy Academy!

Ms. Courtney


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