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Ms Courtney & Ms Rhonda's Class - Preschool

With the start of the official school year, the preschool room has said goodbye to many of their friends. This brought up lots of questions for them: Will they be in my kindergarten class? Are they coming to school tomorrow? Why is it their last day? As these questions continue to arise in your conversations with your kiddos, be patient with them. Time is a very difficult concept for children this age to grasp. If the topic persistently causes confusion, consider drawing a calendar to help them make a visual connection to time.

Our classroom has also welcomed in many new children of whom we are so pleased to have. Adjusting to a new environment is a lengthy process. On average, it takes children about 7 weeks to fully grasp a new schedule and the flow in a new environment. Always feel free to reach out to the administration or the teachers if you have any concerns about how your kiddo is adjusting. The classroom will be working hard to maintain a consistent and reliable schedule so everyone can adjust to the flow. Preschool children love to explore and learn about new things, but before they feel safe launching into an unknown situation, they need lots of reminders that they will always have love and consistency with their families and those they count on.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve each and every one of you in my role as Master Teacher. I am excited about my new position in the company, but you will all be missed.

“Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings.” –Hodding Carter

Ms. Courtney & Ms. Rhonda


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