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Ms Courtney & Ms Becca's Class - Preschool

Hello from Pre-K!

February has been full of unexpected events, but we have been able to seize every school day by making the most of it. Pre-K has recently started a brand-new school routine to help meet the needs of these energetic learners. By going outside earlier in the morning, the kiddos have had a chance to really get their energy out, and it has led to more productive time in the classroom. Although schedule changes can be challenging, the class has been making significant progress toward adjusting to the new routine. We have had more intentional time for practicing letter formation, name writing, and number recognition.

In March, we will continue to learn about areas the children express interest in. Although intentional learning activities will take place such as practicing manners, sharing toys, writing names, identifying letters, strengthening reading skills, and encouraging curiosity, our schedule will also be able to flow to meet the needs and interests of each child.

As always, stay up to speed with our room by checking KidReports at least once a day!

Ms. Courtney & Ms. Becca


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