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Ms Becky's Class - Toddler 3

We had a fabulous February in Toddler 3! We started off the month by studying Shapes. We have become aware of how big a part shapes play in our everyday lives. We noticed that shapes are everywhere. We observed shapes in our classroom, our food, our toys and outside in nature. We went on to talk about Valentine's Day and love. We read lots of books on the subject, including class favorites, "I Love You All Day Long" and "Mama, Do You Love Me?"

We really enjoyed our study of Healthy Habits. We touched on several aspects of health in our Read Aloud time, including Brush Your Teeth Please, Choose Good Food, and Germs Are Not For Sharing. After we were able to get back to school after all the crazy weather, we took the opportunity to enjoy the snow. We played in it a bit, and even made a snowman. We finished out the month with a unit on Character Building. We had fun learning about kindness, honesty, responsibility, and respect, and ways that the children can practice these traits even at a young age.

In March, we will begin by celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. I can't wait for Spring!

Ms. Becky

Miss Estefania

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