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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

We have been busy in the month of August, and we have had some new friends join our classroom which has been lots of fun! We did a lot of art during the month of August, and the children have really enjoyed it.

For the month of September, we are going to continue to do art with the children. One of the standards that I will be working with the children on is the ELG of creative skills; “Begin to understand his/her world by using senses to explore and experience the environment.” We will make music with the drum, shake our music toys, and play with the piano so that the children can hear the different sounds and make their own sounds with the objects. I will also do a lot of different art with the children by using textured paints and paper as well as having the children paint with paint brushes.

The next ELG that I will focus on is physical development: “Begin to strengthen hand and eye coordination by making hand to object contact.” With this ELG I will work with the children on coloring with crayons, chalk, and using paint brushes as well. We will stack blocks up together, and while stacking them up we will count them so that the children can hear the different numbers. I will work with the children on grasping objects with their fingers and hands.

I look forward to teaching the children these new skills and watching them do them every day. We will work with the children on walking, crawling, climbing, sitting, rolling over, and standing as well.


Ms. Ashley and Ms. Makenzie


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