Ms Ashley & Ms Makenzie's Class - Infants

In the month of November, the children learned a lot of new skills – playing with friends, working hard on tummy time, and sitting up. It is so wonderful to watch the children learn new skills every day!

For the month of December, we will continue working on tummy time and sitting up. For smaller infants, we will work on holding our own bottles. The ELG that I will be working on with the younger infants is Approaches to Learning – “Begin to show interest in exploring his/her environment.” We will be working with the younger infants on grasping toys with their fingers and reaching for objects far away.

As for the older infants, the ELG that we will be working on is Approaches to Learning- “Explore relationships and environment independently with purpose.” We will work with the older infants on interacting with their peers, learning to solve social problems, and learn how to work together while playing. We will do a lot of parallel play with one another. We will also be learning cause and effect with toys and working on more art with all the children. Ms. Makenzie and I look forward to teaching the children these new skills.


Ms. Ashley & Ms. Makenzie

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