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Ms Ashley & Ms Makenzie's Class - Infants

My name is Ashley Spurgeon, and I’m very happy to be part of the Owasso team as the Infant Master Teacher. The infant room brings me so much joy to be able to teach the children new skills and to watch them reach different milestones every day.

For the month of November, we are going to work on our physical development with the younger infants. We will be working on tummy time, rolling over, and sitting up. With the older infants, I’m going to work with them on walking and sitting at the table during mealtimes. We will also be doing some creative art with the children, such as finger painting, bubble wrap painting, sandpaper painting, and more. We will be trying to go outside more often, and with that being said, it is getting colder outside, so please bring jackets.

Makenzie and I look forward to watching every child learn a new skill and reach new milestones every day. Thank you for letting us have the chance to teach your children. They bring a smile to our face every day.


Ms. Ashley & Ms. Makenzie

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