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Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

Hello, Parents!

I am happy to be a part of the FCCH2 family! While I have been here, I have had the pleasure to learn about your children and to be a part of some fun activities like Mud Day! We all love getting down with nature. We explored a pool full of mud, water play, and shaving cream. We know the importance of outdoor play as it allows the children to work on gross motor, balance, and use our senses to explore. We also want to thank Ms. Alyssa for coming to the home and helping us out through this transition as she has gone back to the West Center.

Some things that we can all look forward to are the weather and enjoying some fun in the sun! We are learning all about transportation for the month of July, and we will begin to learn about the Ocean in August. One of the books the children are enjoying is Airport by Byron Barton. We are playing with the trucks outside and have made ramps and had a carwash. A carwash is something fun you can do at home. Some examples of ways you can do that are to get a bucket of soapy water, towels, sponges, and a sprinkler or just a hose, and allow the children to wash toy cars, bikes, or any outside toys. Do not forget the Sunscreen!

Ms. Rebekah


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