Fall is Coming!

As Fall is approaching, what comes to mind is how it is a season of change. The leaves begin to change into a beautiful array of colors, then eventually fall off the trees.

Our organization is also in a season of change. As you may have noticed, our name is now Ivy Learning Resource and Referral; and we are not only still serving North Central Oklahoma, but we have also added Northeast Oklahoma. Another change is that Kristine Abbott is now a center director at one of our sites, and we will be adding a Business Consultant to our team to help with the financial aspect of running a child care facility.

As you can see in the pictures included, we are currently doing in-person trainings and technical assistance. We do request that CDC guidelines are followed by using masks, social distancing, staying home when ill, etc. Please contact your R&R Specialist if you need training or technical assistance in your program. We also have a great Infant Toddler Specialist that can come help with issues in your Infant, Toddler, or Two’s classrooms.

Your R&R Specialists would like to remind everyone of free trainings on CECPD. Please go to okregistry.org to find the Statewide Calendar. This calendar has all available trainings in the state of Oklahoma. Find the drop-down tab labeled “Training Fee” to select "free" to find trainings that are free to attend. The Pyramid Model Modules are available for free and can be a total of 18 hours for training. If you are having trouble finding the online courses for the Pyramid Model, please contact Heather Cruz at 918-766-6254 or hcruz@delawarechild.org. CECPD online has 5 new free courses that are available to all providers. To sign up, go to cecpdonline.org and find the link to free trainings on the home page. A reminder: Your registry log in will be different from cecpdonline.org. If you have not done training on this site, you will need to register for a new account.

All resource kits are available for check out. If you are interested in borrowing a kit, please contact your R&R Specialist. Resource kits are cleaned and sanitized when they come back to us from other providers. We want to ensure that our providers and children are protected against viruses and germs.

Resource & Referral Director

Kelsey Thomas



Resource & Referral Specialist

Heather Cruz



Infant & Toddler Specialist

Renae Barnett



Business Consultant

Tracy Hinton



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