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As another month ends and a new one begins, we get to take an even deeper breath knowing that this one will close the chapter on a never expected, challenging year. I think we are all looking forward to 2021, but let us not take for granted the time December will give us with the ones we love so dearly. There was so much unknown in this last year. It has tested our minds, challenged our finances, and weighed heavy on our hearts. I hope that you take the time to reflect on what has made your family stronger this past year, then begin to prepare for a blank canvas of a new one.

Moving into something new, what could we do differently?

· How could we be more prepared?

· How could we be more healthy?

· What are ways to maintain the quality moments of the last year while embracing the new mysterious moments of the new year?

Are there any correct answers? Not sure if we will ever really know, but here are some suggestions:

Communicate with our families. Answer the hard questions, talk about the happy moments, reflect on the growth. Engage their little imaginations on the adventures to come.

Plan for the future. Safety plans could now include ways to handle having to navigate around a quarantine by looking at alternate child care, budgeting for time off, savings plans, etc..

Health. Research shows that Zinc and Vitamin D levels have had a major impact on fighting the Coronavirus. Vitamin C is always an important supplement as well. Most children and adult multivitamins are a well-rounded way to supplement your diet and get the additional nutrients we all need.

Quality Moments. May we all choose to become more intentional about isolating ourselves with our families. Riding bikes, playing board games, going camping - all these things had seemed to get tossed by the wayside in the hustle and bustle of careers, sports, and other things that demand our time.

As I mentioned earlier, I hope you plan for effective ways to embrace the new year. Each family is different, and each family is unique. The common factor is that each family’s time is so very valuable and may we all choose to spend it very wisely.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful beginning to your new year!

Jessica Davis

Site Director

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