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Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Hello, August!

Last month we learned all about dinosaurs, and we had so much fun! We read several books that had so many different dinosaurs, and the children were fascinated with them! It was fun trying to get them to say some of the names. We discussed that all dinosaurs are different and made comparisons between different dinosaurs. We also painted with dinosaurs and did what I call observational painting. This is where I would hang up a picture of a dinosaur, and the children would paint their own versions of what they thought their dinosaur should look like! It went over really well, and our class always enjoys doing art. We stomped and roared all over the classroom, and we all just had a super fun time.

This upcoming month we will switch gears - we are going to be learning about food and cooking! Our class really loves our dramatic play center, and we play with our toy food a lot. I thought it would be a lot of fun to learn about all different kinds of food, the colors, tastes, and textures. We will have several different art projects where we will paint with real food over the course of the month, which should be an interesting activity. I am also going to be filling up my sensory table with flour and adding different flavored Jell-o to the sensory table for different smells; I think the class will really enjoy it!

This is also a great idea to do at home with your children - just get a large bowl or tub and fill it halfway with flour. Then add any type of Jell-o you prefer. The Jell-o changes the color of the flour, and it also invites the children to use their sense of smell to play! Playing in flour is messy, but it is so much fun!

We look forward to exploring this coming month!

Ms. Amanda

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