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Letter from the Director!

Is your child exiting our program to transition to Big School? When we talk about the Public Pre K or Kindergarten class experience, we refer to those classrooms as “Big School.” While this time of year may be filled with several emotions, we want to just remind each parent – All children grow in their unique ways in their unique times. Also, as your child’s first teacher – you are the expert. You have the right to vocalize concerns and advocate on behalf of your child or children. When you get connected to this new space, find out what programs your child’s school offers for families. Find out how you get signed up, then sign up and go. We have always been pleased with the partnerships we have been able to form with you all. Although your child’s new school will be new, you are still you; we hope you go share your talents and skills with the new school just like you have done here with us.

Do you ever wonder what else you can do to support programs for children? You could get involved in local education initiatives, such as the Rogers County Early Childhood Network. You could tune in to local meetings about health and public access. The Tulsa County Health Department has been busy addressing ways to support Oklahoma programs’ plans to develop healthier families.

Zero to Three, a national group focused on research on early childhood, put out a report called “State of Babies.” The data takes a deep dive, state by state, on how we are doing as a community to support our children. You can find Oklahoma’s report here:

Meanwhile, please take time to provide care for yourself, your children, and your neighbors.

Dominque Lewis


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