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Letter from the Director!

How is your family’s economic mobility? Have you considered how you can improve your family’s current standing or help promote economic mobility to others you know?

Economic mobility is a key to providing stability for your child. Stability puts your child in the best environment possible to thrive and grow up healthy. Your family can build upon your economic mobility in two ways: increasing your income and financial capabilities or by meeting employment/educational goals. In the meantime, as your family works on these building blocks, be sure to also remember investing time into the invisible things with your child and home. Economic mobility may seem focused on tangible outcomes, but the real evidence is in the intangible ones. If a child’s parents are less stressed, they are more likely to engage positively with their child. When a child has needs that are met, they can begin to trust others and feel secure in their social surroundings. Both positive engagements and security impact brain development, especially in those first years.

Allowing your economic status to become a tool to improve your family’s wellness can be an obtainable, long-term goal. Just like we set goals for your child here at their school, we hope that you are also setting goals. Our quality and the services you experience in our program are designed to not only meet the need of your child, but to partner with you – taking some of the pressure off – as you work to build your child’s educational foundation. And while the academic outcomes are important, the intangible social emotional outcomes are the real evidence here.

During these times, we hope that your family continues to be a part of our program as we get creative about our service delivery. In the meantime, look into some community resources that may launch you forward in your family’s economic mobility.

Tulsa Tech (locations in Owasso and Tulsa)

Community Care College (locations across Tulsa)

Roger’s State University (Claremore, Pryor and Bartlesville)

Dominique Lewis

Site Director

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