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Ms Gabi & Ms Rebecca's Class - Infants 1

Hello, Ivy Academy Families!

Summer is finally here! That means water play is back! Our infant class will be going out in the morning time to beat the heat.

This month we will be focused on science along with the earth and many factors of it. So, why is this all important? The answer lies in the concept of brain plasticity. The brain is a complex organ that is constantly changing itself. Throughout our lives, the brain re-wires itself based on experiences and different environments. Therefore, rich environments in these early stages of development are so important. CLICK HERE for further information about brain plasticity.

Also, with the weather warming up, tornado season has made its way here. Just a reminder to talk with your families about your game plan at home so everyone can be prepared.

Dates to remember for this month:

June 14th – Flag Day

June 21st – Father’s Day

June 29th – International Mud Day (more info TBA)


Miss Gabi & Ms. Rebecca

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