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Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler C

For the month of June, we will be working on building and enhancing our vocabulary and communication skills. We will be providing opportunities for the enhancement of these skills through ocean themed activities. Through these activities, we will be having the children participate in discussions and identification of life's many creatures under the sea. We will be learning the names and characteristics of many animals under the sea as well. We will also be introducing the ASL sign for the animals, which will allow children another form of communication and vocabulary. I will also provide parents with the ASL signs and pictures that we are using so they might be able to correctly identify the form of communication their child is conveying to them.

With this being the month of June and the temperatures rising, please be sure to send cooler clothing for your child's cubby. We will also be participating with water play beginning this month, so if you have not already, please send a swimsuit or clothing that is to be left here for water and messy play.

I look forward to watching the children's vocabulary and communication skills flourish this month, and we will have a SPLASHING TIME!

Ms. Amanda

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