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Ms Cara's Class - Infants

Hello to all our Infant Class Families!

During the month of May, we have been focusing on science as we explore the world around us. Science for infants might sound like an advanced skill, but it involves using their senses to explore, showing curiosity about things like textures, their surroundings, plants, animals, and people. It is through science inquiry skills that they begin to learn about the world and build curiosity. In the early learning guidelines for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos, we learn that: “Young children are naturally curious and learn through exploration and using their senses. They are looking, touching, smelling, tasting and listening to everyone and everything in their surroundings. . . Observing the fish in a fish tank, digging in the sand with a pail and shovel, and making discoveries about a worm in the grass are all activities related to scientific thinking and problem solving. These experiences will assist children in acquiring knowledge on which to build a better understanding of the world. Through play, children use their senses to explore, experiment, invent, design, test solutions, and form ideas about how the world works.“

During the month of June, we will be building math skills such as becoming familiar with differences, where we are in relation to our surroundings, and knowing if we are done or want more of something. We will build with blocks to observe the different sizes and colors, experiment by mixing different colored paints, and talk about where we are, what we have, and what we are doing, as well as using descriptive words such as up and down.

June 29th is International Mud Day, and we would love to have you participate. If you can’t join us here for it, you can still take part at home by letting your child get their hands and feet into the mud. CLICK HERE for more ideas for International Mud Day.

Ms. Cara

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