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Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 1

Dear Parents,

I can’t believe we are jumping into June already! We have missed everyone’s faces.

Last month our focus was on building back up those relationships and maintaining our routines. This month we will continue focusing on that by keeping a steady routine. I will be providing opportunities for the children to have a choice to play with a friend or by themselves. In class, we will be reading a lot about our feelings and identifying them. Also, with exploring this focus, it will help the children better understand that we are all unique in our own way.

For the parents that are still at home, I want to share some good tips on how to help your child learn about emotions so that they can better understand and regulate themselves as they grow older.

When you or your child is upset, frustrated, mad, or scared, be sure to label that emotion. This is good practice for them to see you model this as well. “I am feeling very frustrated. My jaw is clenched tight, my hands are rolled up into balls, and my heart is racing fast. I need to take a break and take some deep breaths.” Likewise, when your child experiences big emotions, talk them through it in the same way. “Wow, I see that you are feeling mad. You are stomping, your face is frowning, and your voice is loud. Let’s take a break and take some deep breaths.” It is best to practice these when your child is not angry or frustrated as well; emotions are difficult to manage when you’re in the moment, but everyday practice and modeling will help your child understand and regulate what they are feeling. Offer a nice, comfortable, quiet place to calm down, and take some slow deep breaths with your child. Talk about how they feel afterward. This will also help you as the parent or guardian

Please feel free to reach out if there is anything we can do for you here at the center.

Ms. Anita

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