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Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom Three!

I hope you all are enjoying the nice weather while we have it. We have taken advantage of it for sure with water days in the sprinkler. Also, with the weather heating up, as a class we have talked about safety regarding the sun, how to wear the proper clothes and protection, not only for our skin but also to protect our eyes as well. We encourage them to help put on their sunscreen which leads us to talk about our bodies and how we can protect them from the bright sun. Also, we encourage children who are just a little unsure about playing in water to slowly take action steps to being more comfortable, even if it’s taking their shoes off and putting their feet in the water. We don’t want to rush them if they are not ready, but we want to encourage them to try.

Regarding the weather, we have been taking the time to talk with the children about what happens when there is a thunderstorm or tornado. We have a safety plan here at school, and we practice it every month. During a tornado, the children from each classroom will go into their bathroom. While in the bathroom, we will be singing, playing games, reading, and whatever else it takes to help keep the children calm during this time. As a family, you too can work together and come up with a plan for when a thunderstorm or tornado comes. Talk about what happens if the lights go out and what you will do if you must take shelter. Work together to come up with other emergency plans such as a plan for a fire. It is important to have a plan in place and to practice it each month so that everyone knows what to expect if the real emergency occurs.

We are still in uncertain times right now, and we need to remember to still take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our families. Please still take precautions when going out into the community once businesses start to slowly open back up. I know as families we are ready for things to go back to normal, but let’s take this opportunity to start a new and healthy routine.

“The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.” -Og Mandino-

Ms. Mollie and Ms. Ashley

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