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Ms Kaitlyn's Class - Early Preschool 1

This month will be all about number and letter recognition. Numbers 1-10 are what we will be focusing on by counting anything we can, but also being able to match the number with the quantity. As for letters, we will fixate on the letters in our names and find objects in our environment that have the same letter or same sound. Along with numbers and letters, we have been working on tracing our names and trying to write the letters in our names without tracing.

Mathematics Standard 2- Number Sense - The child understands the relationship between numbers and quantities.

Literacy Standard 3- Print Awareness - The child understands the characteristics of written language.

Literacy Standard 6- Letter Knowledge and Early Word Recognition (Phonics) - The child demonstrates the ability to apply sound-symbol relationships.

Hope everyone is staying safe and having fun! I miss seeing all my friends' smiling faces, and I can't wait to get back to teaching your wonderful children!

Ms. Kaitlyn

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