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Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from The Toddler 4 classroom!

Our class has been diligently working on our mathematics skills such as awareness of patterns in the environment, becoming aware of themselves in relations to things around them, and an understanding of quantity. It is exciting to watch the children learn these skills through play. Some ways we are improving our mathematical skills are puzzles, blocks, and finding patterns in everyday activities through song, play, and schedules. With new friends in the classroom, it is important to stick to our schedule and provide the children with consistency and predictability. Developing these skills is helpful to the children as they continue to grow and learn.

Next month we will be turning our focus towards physical development. We will be working on development of small motor skills, coordination of eye and hand movements, and the development of self-help skills. Activities that we will be doing to build these skills includes tweezers and cotton balls to help with small motor movements, rolling a ball back and forth to develop basic hand eye coordination, and giving children the opportunities to perform simple tasks independently or with help from the teacher. Providing the children with these opportunities daily is exponentially beneficial to the children’s growth and development.

It is amazing to think about how much is developing through simple everyday play. That is why I encourage you to spend that time with your child whether you are reading books, playing dress up, or building an incredible tower for their favorite superhero. Spending this time with your child is beneficial to the both of you, and it is helping them learn new skills that are shaping who they are becoming!

Ms. Emily and Ms. Riley

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