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Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler 2


And just like that, another month has come and gone so fast! During the month of March, we continued to work on labeling our emotions as they are happening and continued to work on what we can do with those emotions as they are happening.

We also spent the whole month of March reading Dr Seuss books, and I am so excited to announce that the children have enjoyed Ms. Amanda’s favorite author just as much as she does! Their favorites are still Green Eggs and Ham and Hop on Pop. Another book that they really enjoyed was A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman. We have had the opportunity to listen to a read aloud of that book with sound effects. They loved being able to hear the rain, the foot steps in the wet grass, and the twinkle of the rainbow! We talked a lot about all the colors of the rainbow and about spring and all the plants, trees, and grass are changing. March was so much fun!

During the month of April, we will continue to talk about our feelings and emotions and will also be encouraging all of them to use their words more to talk to tell others what we are feeling or about what we want. We will also be using words to label everything in our environment. Our vocabulary has blossomed so much, and we are excited to keep it growing! We will also continue to talk about Spring and be looking into how the world around us is changing. The grass is turning green, the trees are beginning to blossom, and flowers are starting to grow. We also have a rock hunt planned for April where we will search our playground to see what kind of rocks we will find. We will talk about what color they are, what the feel like, etc. If you have any cool looking rocks you would like to share with our class, please feel free to bring them.

And again, thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to care for your sweet little one 5 days a week! We are blessed to be part of their lives!

Ms. Amanda Tackett

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