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Letter from the Director

Hello, Parents!

I hope that everyone is staying well and doing their part to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These past few weeks have been very stressful, to say the least. The added pressure of not knowing what the future of this pandemic holds can be scary for parents. Many have lost their jobs, had their working hours shortened, have become ill themselves, or have a loved one who has taken ill.

In these trying times, it is important for parents to have a way to de-stress and be resilient. I know often this is easier said than done. Here are a few tips that may help you through:

#1 Establish Support Systems

Everyone needs help at some point. Do not be afraid to seek the help you need and to also accept the help that is being offered. Look to family and friends, even if it is just to have someone there to listen.

#2 Take Time To Do Fun Things

Having fun doesn’t have to cost anything or require a huge commitment. Take time to enjoy this rare time off with your children. Be silly, laugh, and cherish the good memories you are making with them. Simply go on a nature walk or build a pillow fort.

With that being said, take time out to do something fun or relaxing for yourself, whether it be an extra few minutes of alone time in the mornings before the children awaken or in the evenings after they go to bed. It is important to do something for yourself. Read a book, journal, make a scrapbook of the memories you are creating during this time, or take an extra long shower.

#3 Seek Out Professional Help

Despite your best efforts to prevent or manage your stress, sometimes it can be too much to handle. When you realize that you are becoming overwhelmed, don’t wait, act. There are several low or no cost resources available in our area.

Disaster distress helpline: 1-800-985-5990

211 telephone helpline: dial 211

As always, we are here to help out as much as we can. Feel free to visit with myself or our Family Service Coordinator Joanna so that we can assist you.

Kindest Regards,

Jennifer Perdue

Ivy Academy West Site Director

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