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Welcome From the Director!

Hello, Families!

We want to say 'Welcome' to our inaugural families! We have FINALLY OPENED, and our first few weeks have been nothing short of exciting! Although we are surrounded by several challenges out there in the world, (namely COVID-19), the teachers and team working with your children are focused on building relationships and bonds that will allow for strong growth and overall development. Teachers are working closely with your children so that they feel comfortable in their center home environment as their overall social emotional development and that feeling of safety is priority for us as we move forward. As we embark upon our new journey together as a community, we want you to know your most prized possession is in safe hands, not with “Allstate”, but with the teachers of Ivy Academy Owasso/Sperry.

Once we get beyond this quarantining and social distancing, we will have a “Meet the Teacher Night” so we can meet, greet, ask those questions, and gain a bit of knowledge around your child’s growth and development.

We look forward to serving your family!


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