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Ms Shelby's Class - Toddler 3

We explored various topics within the classroom this past month. The class favorite was transportation. They loved the books we read during circle time and were engaged and interactive throughout most of the stories. Our class enjoyed some favorite books: I am a Fire Truck, which talks about various forms of transportation firefighters use; On a Pirate Ship, with super colorful and bright illustrations to grab children’s attention; and Ship Shapes, a nautical-themed story that asks various questions about basic shapes. The children loved naming the shapes they saw within Ship Shapes; and when they weren’t naming shapes, they were pointing out things they saw in the illustrations. Some of the shapes discussed included hearts, stars, circles, squares, and rectangles.

This month we are excited to explore some Dr. Seuss inspired work, including art projects, reading aloud, and sensory activities for the children that will relate to some of Dr. Seuss’s stories. Throughout the rest of the month, we will be exploring our seasons and even spending extra time focusing on Spring and how plants and flowers begin to bloom again.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be coming up the week of March 9th. A sign-up sheet with dates and times will be posted by our class door.

Ms. Shelby

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