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Ms Jessica's Class - Preschool 1

Hello, all! I can’t believe January is already over. So far, 2020 has flown by!

With the holidays being over and the craziness calming down, we have really been working on routines and transitions. Having a solid routine helps everyone throughout the day. When the children know what is coming, they are more at ease and feel more in control. If they feel in control it helps so much with their social emotional experience. Transitions make the day go smoother. Also, when the children see me flick the light, they know their attention needs to be on me, and I give them at least a 5 minute warning when we are about to clean up or do something else.So far, it has been a lot smoother throughout the day, and we get a lot more accomplished. Soon, I plan on implementing a visual schedule so the children will have a visual to help them throughout the day.

A fun thing that happened this month was that a hygienist from My Dentist came and showed the children proper teeth brushing and looked at everyone’s teeth. She brought Archie the Alligator, and the kids’ favorite part was that he sprayed water. Archie even sprayed me, and the children thought it was hilarious.

Here’s to another great month of growth!

Thank you, Ms. Jessica

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