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Ms Krisinda's Class - Toddler B

We are excited for a new year of learning together!

Our focus was science for the month of December. The children were so excited to measure and interact with our experiments and sensory creations. This engagement has led to a lot of counting in our room. We have also become interested in the shapes we are seeing in our holiday books.

For the month of January, we will be focusing on Mathematics for our Early Learning Guideline. We will be focusing on two standards this month. Standard 2 (Spatial Awareness/Geometry): Children become aware of themselves in relation to objects and structures around them, and Standard 3 (Number Sense): The child will begin to develop an awareness of quantity. We will be sending home activities this month for you to work on with your child. We will let you know when to look for these in their cubbies.

Ms Krisinda

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