Ms Amanda & Ms Tina's Class - Toddler C

It is very important, not to mention helpful, when your child can convey a want or need to you. Therefore, during the month of January, we will be promoting language and communication building. We will be engaging in activities and discussions that encourage your child to build on their vocabulary and communication skills. The children will be supplied with different items that will invite them to discuss and communicate with each other.

The children have expressed a great deal of interest in the ocean lately. We will be discussing the ocean and the animals and marine life that it contains. Each week we will have a specific animal that lives in the ocean and we will learn both the name and sign for that animal. The children will be asked to identify different characteristics of the animals such as color, shapes, and markings. In doing this, your child will be enhancing vocabulary as well as engaging in conversations. We are going to have a fun-filled month of new words and fun facts about the ocean! I am excited to listen to the children's individual descriptions and stories about the ocean. Oh, yes, I totally expect plenty of "Dory and Nemo" conversations throughout the month, so be prepared!

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Tina

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