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Letter from the Director!

Outdoor Play in Winter

Let’s change the focus this month from discipline to winter. The first day of winter this year is on December 21st. With winter approaching, please keep in mind that we will continue playing outdoors. Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for the cold weather such as gloves, hats, snow/rain boots, and coats.

Outdoor play during the winter months is still important and brings many benefits. However, children’s play is often limited to the indoors. Adult fears about safety and negative attitudes toward exposure to cold weather are the barriers that prevent children from accessing play in winter months. It is up to adults to focus on the importance of children’s play, regardless of the season. After all, play should not be restricted to warm weather.

Let’s welcome this upcoming winter season with a playful attitude. Click Here to learn how snowy, cold weather benefits children’s development and health!

Lisa Frye

Site Director

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