Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from Toddler 4!

We have been moving into Fall, and we could not be more excited! Exploring pumpkins has been an exciting time for us. We have touched the pumpkin, talked about the color and different qualities, and even cut one open to explore what is inside! The kids loved it, although some were a little hesitant about what it felt like. We also got to paint our own little pumpkins that we got to take home!

Our focus this month has been on improving our small motor skills and fine motor skills. We have been doing a lot of fun things like coloring and painting, tearing and cutting, paper pushing, bubble wrap, exploring in the sensory table, and doing puzzles which can all help strengthen our small motor skills. Everyday playing experiences like these double as learning experiences.

As we go into the month of November, we will be doing all things Fall! We will explore all the things that it has to offer such as leaves, pine cones, and of course, Thanksgiving! Our focus for the coming month will be mathematics and experiencing different ways of learning. We will explore awareness of the different patterns in our environment, quality, and spacial awareness.

It has been a great month full of learning in Toddler 4, and we are excited about the learning to come.

Ms Emily

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