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Family Child Care Home 3 - Owasso

We have enjoyed these fall-like temperatures and being able to spend more time exploring outdoors as well as bringing our indoor activities outdoors.

This past month we have shifted our focus to relationship building and sharing. We will also focus on being able to use our words and have an understanding as to what they mean.

Children at this age can be very possessive and have difficulty sharing; however, learning to get along with other children is an essential skill. In just a few short years, your child will go from spending most of his/her time with family and close friends to spending a large chunk of his day interacting, learning, and playing with other kids at school. So as the month moves on, we will continue to work to master this skill. We are enjoying learning new things daily and growing socially as well as emotionally.

As always, guests/visitors are always welcome any time!

Ms. Tippy & Ms. Carly

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