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Ms KK's Class - EPS 1

Hello from EPS 1!

Summertime has been good to us this year, bringing fair temperatures and the grand opening to our new playground! The children have enjoyed being able to dip their feet into the shallow flow of the stream and get a feel for the textured rocks. And if that's not quite interesting enough, there are plenty of other imagination stations to explore! The mud kitchen is surely a favorite, watching the recipes come to life as each child stays busy making their very own specialty. Another place to hang out and relax in the shade is our hobbit house! This is a fun place to lean back and relax in an atmosphere that's shady and full of space to entertain friends. Books and puzzles are a good, quiet activity in the hobbit house, but not to worry, there is plenty of interacting among friends. We would like to invite all of you to have a look around and perhaps enjoy our slide on the hill, the zipline, or sit in the teepee and watch it all unfold. It's simply amazing what these children are capable of when given the opportunity to discover the world around them!

We have enjoyed making homemade applesauce this past month, and the children did an amazing job of cutting the peeled and quartered apples with safety knives! They took their time to cut and dice safely and discussed amongst each other where apples grow and what color apples are. This was a great experiment with the class getting to speak about their five senses. They enjoyed gaining the knowledge first hand, and the applesauce was delicious!

The class has also been introduced to “loose parts” as part of our imagination play. Loose parts empower creativity and the use of anything to become something else. It encourages open minds, problem solving, and child centered activities. Loose parts activities are open ended and are used for making connections as well as free exploration. So, the next time you are thinking of tossing a bottle cap, sticks or brush, old jewelry, or anything that may seem like it's not important, think again. Give it to your child and watch them play. You will stand in amazement!

We hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are and remembering to stay cool! As always, feel free to stop by and say hello. We love visitors!

Ms. KK and EPS1

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