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Ms Teresa & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

Dear Parents,

We have an eventful month planned for your children. We will continue with our “Investigating the Life of Plants and Animals” theme. Our theme will be "Finding Nemo" where we will focus our learning about the clown fish. The children will learn basic things like: what they eat, why they are called clown fish, and about the shocking plant they live in called the Anemone.

Science Standard 3: Life - The child will observe and investigate plants (The Anemone) and animals (Focus fish will be the Clown Fish).

Also, the children will be working on their math skills this month. During this month we will take a trip to the Jenks Aquarium. The children, along with the help of their parents, will use a flip book of animals to locate and match the ones in the tanks of the aquarium. We will also count how many clown fish they see.

Mathematics Standard 1: The child will sort and classify objects and analyze simple patterns.

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