Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

This month in Early Preschool we are staying on the mathematics track with counting in English and Spanish, connecting numerals to quantities, and so much more. The Early Learning Guidelines that are connected with our focused learning are:

Standard One - Algebraic Reasoning: Patterns and Relationships - The child will sort and classify objects and analyze simple patterns.

Standard Four - Measurement - The child will explore the concepts of measurement.

Standard Five - Data Analysis - The child will collect and analyze data in a group setting.

With these standards being set as our goals of learning, we will explore the concepts through play with the children. So far, the interest expressed by the children for learning these concepts has been outstanding. The children express thoughts and ideas by inviting their friends to take part in the activity that is present in the room. A verbal invitation expressed by one of my friends was "Hey, will you come put your name on the graph too? We want to see what your favorite fruit is!" This was a friend inviting me back to the circle time, to place my name under the fruit pictures we had. The goal of the activity was to put your name under either the apple or orange so that when the activity ended, we could see which fruit was the favorite. The children did awesome with this activity. It was then posted in the room to remind them and let you as their parents see a piece of what we did.

To continue our learning, we will measure each other's heights and the lengths of other things around us using strings, measuring tapes, and more. Along with that, we will also be making more graphs with multiple forms of information on each different graph. Another activity we have planned is tracing our bodies on butcher paper to get a better idea of our different sizes.

If you would like to be a part of this learning or to volunteer to help in any way, we would love to see you in our classroom. Please contact Miss Bailee with questions or concerns, or come help us out with learning more about mathematics!

Ms. Bailee

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