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Ms Ada's Class - Preschool

We still have some winter ahead of us, so remember to send warm clothes. We go outside daily, giving the children an opportunity to learn that it may be too cold to be outside. The children get the opportunity to be in a nature environment where they learn and play by building with wood in all shapes and sizes, like building a bridge over the sand area that they can walk over.

This month we will be learning the letters N, P, J, U, and I upper and lowercase. We will be tracing each letter, looking at pictures, and thinking of words that start with each letter and their sound.

We will also be learning about Dental Health. We will be discussing why we brush our teeth. We do brush our teeth daily after snack, and now is the time to learn why and how to care for our teeth. With discussion and books we will talk about going to the Dentist.

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